Avast Secure Browser Review

admin / May 20, 2023

If you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge it’s unlikely that you’ll give alternative web browsers a second look. However, if you’re looking to find one that puts a lot of emphasis on privacy and security, Avast Secure Browser is worth a glance. The Chromium browser comes with the ability to click-reference VPN as well as an ad blocker, among other features.

Its ad blocker lets you customize the settings and allow strict blocking to block out even the most persistent ads. It also is compatible with the uBlock Origin plugin, which provides third-party filter lists and dynamic filters to give you more control. Its phishing detection helps you avoid scam sites, while its banking mode shields your passwords and credit card details from prying eyes.

Other features include tab grouping, which makes navigating multiple open tabs easier by keeping them in a group and organized. It will sync bookmarks, history, and other information across platforms to allow you to continue browsing from where you left off. It also blocks online ads which helps speed up website loading times. Get More Information

The Avast web browser is nearly exactly like Google Chrome. It lets you import all your bookmarks, configuration settings and other features that you can choose to add. The only drawback is that it sends usage statistics and crash reports to Avast’s servers, which you can change at secure://settings/importData. Otherwise, it’s a solid browser that comes with a lot of privacy and security features that can be a good alternative to the big three.

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