Decorative Concrete Dallas

admin / April 4, 2022

stamped concrete dallas txDecorative concrete inĀ Dallas tx is an increasingly popular flooring choice among home and business owners. Stamped concrete Dallas offers the look of other flooring materials while requiring less maintenance. All it requires is an occasional hose-down to stay looking great. If you’d like to give your home or business an entirely new look, you can contact a Dallas decorative concrete contractor for a customized design. Here are some examples of some of the patterns you can choose from:

Decorative Concrete Dallas Is An Increasingly Popular Flooring Choice

Overlays are another option for enhancing the look of your home or business. Like traditional stamped concrete, they are a good alternative to removing an entire slab. In fact, they are much less costly than the more expensive process of removing the existing slab. However, the process isn’t without its risks – it’s best to leave it to experienced, proven experts. For best results, consult a Dallas concrete expert before choosing a design.

A stamped concrete Dallas tx contractor will first make a template or blueprint of your desired surface. Once the template is created, the company will apply the pattern or design. In many cases, this pattern is designed to match an existing building material. Unlike paved stone, stamped concrete is also much longer-lasting than the former. You can also choose a base color that closely resembles the natural building material you want to emulate. This is achieved by adding color hardener to the concrete, a powdered pigment.

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