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At the point when you find a new water stain on your roof or you hear an uproarious bang on your rooftop, your first impulse might be to twist up under a delicate cover, or get a container or bowl and search for a potential hole. 

Investigate the accompanying manual for mendable rooftop damage, at that point, check for yourself or call an expert to check whether yours is a simple fix. 

Lay Felt Paper 

Start by stapling the 6-inch starter strip at the base area of the rooftop leaving a 1-inch overhang on the eave to guarantee drainage into the gutters. Going from the base up, lay and nail the rest of the felt layers with a 2-inch overlap. Make certain to nail the tar strip on each felt layer to guarantee the most extreme hold. 

The Cost of Re-Roofing 

Peeling off old roofing and beginning once again normally costs about $3 a square foot for fundamental composition shingles. You might have the option to leave a current single layer and include a subsequent layer on top of it for about $2 a square foot. On the off chance that you intend to remain in the house for just a couple of years, this may appear to be a keen method to save. Yet, except if you’re so squeezed for money that your solitary other choice is to risk leaks, it’s a false economy. The subsequent layer won’t keep going as long—just around 15 years as opposed to the standard 20—and you won’t get new flashing or underlayment or the chance to move up to features that make a rooftop sturdier. Furthermore, when you go to sell, your re-covered rooftop will look somewhat lumpy, and potential purchasers may decipher the two layers as a sign that other home upgrades were additionally done for as little as possible. 

Solution for a Small Leak 

Some rooftop spills are hard to find. Now and again the water appears at a roof spot that is distant from the leak. On the off chance that your roof has a plastic vapour barrier between the drywall and the attic insulation, push the insulation aside and search for stream stains on the plastic. Regularly, water races to openings in the vapour barrier, for example, at roof light apparatuses.

On the off chance that you can’t perceive any obvious stream marks, and since the stain is tiny, take a gander at the underside of the rooftop for ‘shiners.’ A shiner is a nail that missed the framing member, for this case when the carpenter nailed the rooftop sheathing to the rafters. Moisture that escapes into the chilly loft from the rooms beneath frequently condenses on cool nails. At times, you can recognize this if you move up into your upper room on a cool night. The nails will look white since they’re iced. At the point when the attic warms up a bit during the day, the ice melts and trickles, at that point, the nails ice up around evening time again, etc. The solution is to just clasp the nail with side-cutting pliers. 


Climate, falling branches, and animals can make critical openings and punctures in your roofing material. These fixes are best dealt with by proficient roofers, as they include more steps and may request reexamining part of the rooftop itself. 

After your roofer has done any fundamental reevaluation, they will introduce a layer of sheathing, at that point, felt paper followed by shingles. You might be enticed to cover the gap with a brief material or, on the off chance that it is sufficiently small, seal it up with roofing caulk, however, this will just permit dampness to leak through and make bigger issues. I trust these tips help you with your rooftop fixes. You can also visit this website if you need help with your roofing

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