Warning Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Roof

Indication It’s Time to Repair Work Your Roofing System

Things To Consider

Before you can begin browsing your home for warning signs, it is necessary you think about the age of your roofing system. Do you know how long back your roof was re-shingled or changed?

Most roof specialists agree that a typical asphalt shingle roofing will last in between 20 and 25 years. Understanding how old your roof is will help assess whether you need an overall replacement or if you can get away with repair work. As soon as you have actually discovered the age of your roofing system, it’s time to do an exterior evaluation. 

Making the effort to do this a couple of times a year will save you in the long run as you’ll start to observe any differences. If you wish to be extra thorough, take a picture of your roof throughout your first assessment. If you think you notice a modification, this method you will have something to compare to.

Curled Or Buckled Shingles

Curled or Buckled shingles are a clear indication that your roofing has some age on it. Due to wetness in the attic area requiring nails to press up and out of the roofing’s decking, buckled shingles can happen. This mishap can leave your house exposed to outdoors aspects along with being susceptible to shingle blow-offs throughout a storm.

Tar Streaking or Algae Growth

Tar Streaking and Algae growth are triggered by bacteria gnawing at the shingles’ weatherproofing properties. Cheap shingle manufacturing companies utilize fillers like limestone to keep the cost of shingle production low. These algae will eat away the limestone causing black spotting and thus jeopardizing the weather proofing homes.

Rot And Plants Are Growing

Water can trigger damage in a broad variety of places within your home– and your roofing is no exception. As your roofing wears down over time, certain areas will start to sag. If you’re noticing plants and mould growing in addition to locations of your roof, then it suggests sagging. 

On brand-new roofing, the slope would not support the development of plants– as there wouldn’t suffice resources to sustain them. Standing water can likewise rot away your shingles and the underlying structure, leading to weakness in your roof.

Moss Buildup

Dark streaks are a sign that algae might be sticking to your roofing system. Wash it off with water and bleach followed by a low-pressure rinse from your garden hose. (High pressure will remove shingle grit, so be as mild as possible). If the buildup ends up being excessive– or if you observe moss, mould or fungus– it might be an indication of trapped wetness, which could cause the roofing system to collapse.

Get rid of moss with a stiff brush, however, call a roofing professional to ensure there aren’t more underlying concerns.


This is what roofing professionals call the small pools of water that can collect and form after heavy rainfalls, particularly on flat roofings. They may be a sign of more serious trouble. Because repeated, neglected instances inevitably result in rot, call a roofer immediately.

Your Roofing Is Old

Consider the age of your roofing system as well as the length of time you have actually resided in your existing home and home. In numerous circumstances, a house’s roof will last up to twenty years when set up and kept appropriately. It is important to consider its present age and total condition prior to looking for help Whenever you believe you might have an issue with your roof.

Missing Out On And Cracked Shingles

Broken, cracked, and missing out on shingles require immediate attention to avoid causing more damage to your roof as well as the structure of your home. If your roof is missing entire shingles, you are leaving your roof and house susceptible to potential leaks as well as water seepage, particularly after a heavy storm or significant rains.

Light Coming Through Your Roof Boards

Light coming through your roof boards is a major sign that there is a larger underlying concern including your roofing. Whether your roof shingles are decaying and disintegrating or if you need a total replacement of your house’s roof, light being available from your roofing system boards is never ever a positive indication.

When it’s time to repair your roof, Melbourne Roofing Company is there to help you.