Wedding Guide: Choosing A Cake

It’s wedding planning time! Some of you will be cheering with glee, clipboard in hand, colour schemes on the brain. But for others, you may already be feeling overwhelmed and a little bit green with the scale of what’s ahead of you. 


Whether you’re a bride or groomzilla, don’t fret. Anges de Sucre is taking one thing off your plate (well not your dessert plate). Yes, you’ve guessed it: the wedding cake, the crowning glory of your day. 


After the dress and the venue, your cake is the focal point of your wedding day. You might think that’s a slight exaggeration, but for many couples, their cake is so much more than a dessert. 


Cutting it together, posing beside it, feeding each other the first sweet bite; it’s all part of the day’s romance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting married in a grand venue with 500 onlookers or celebrating your nuptials in a cosy pub with good friends. The cake will be pictured and remembered by you for years to come. 


So, here’s our guide to choosing your perfect wedding cake and making sure you’ve got the taste, size and style on point. Make sure to find out here now

Do Some Tasting

Once you know what flavours you want for the cake, filling, and frosting, set up a tasting. Then you can see how the cake would taste with the various flavour combinations. Ask to taste four or five different flavours that sound good. 


The same flavour of cake can taste very different depending on who makes it. Even if you’re getting a relatively simple flavour, taste it before choosing a wedding cake and committing to a baker.

Choose The Right Supplier

If you’ve been to a wedding where you loved the cake, ask the couple who they used. Word of mouth can be a good starting point. Different bakers specialize in different styles of cakes. Search for bakers that create the style of cake you’re looking for and meet with them.


Ask if they can do what you want in terms of decoration, flavour, and overall design. Take along pictures or make a Pinterest board. This gives the baker an idea of what you’re looking for and makes choosing a wedding cake easier.

Select The Perfect Size

The number and size of the tiers determine how many people the cake can feed. Decide what size slices you want first. Ask the baker how many tiers you need to serve the number of guests given that slice size. Then tell whoever cuts the cake how big to make the slices. 


A three-tier cake typically serves up to 100 people. Larger weddings with 200 guests may need a five-tier cake. If you want a tall cake without too many tiers, consider using columns in between each tier. Using columns to make a cake appear larger is a great choice when the reception venue is large with high ceilings.

When To Order

If you know which bakery you want to work with and are super in love with their cake magic powers, book as early as you can to avoid disappointment. On average, most couples start their planning about a year in advance, so it’s a good idea to book as early as possible in the planning process.


Wedding cakes are very elaborate and highly specific, so you don’t want to settle for a second-rate cake for that big day. Contact your chosen bakery as soon as you can so you can discuss the finer details and find out if they can make what you’re looking for.

Consider Unusual Flavors When Choosing A Wedding Cake

Choose the flavours you love the best, instead of trying to please everyone. The wedding cake reflects you. So unless you love vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, opt for something different. Take the season into account. 


People consider certain flavours more appropriate for the summer, such as strawberry or blueberry, where others are more suited to the fall, like pumpkin. Another option is to have different tiers be different flavours. This makes it more likely there’s something for everyone but complicates the cutting and serving process.

How Much Do You Pay For It?

Many bakers charge a base fee depending on how many slices the cake will serve. However, more complicated decorating schemes increase the cost. Fondant frosting costs more than buttercream frosting. 


Basically, the more work it takes to create the cake, the more expensive it will be. Because much of the work comprises decorating, using fake Styrofoam layers instead of cake to make the cake look larger won’t make the cake much cheaper than using real cake.


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