Wedding Guide: Choosing A Cake

admin / January 26, 2021

It’s a wedding preparation time! Some of you will be cheering with glee, clipboard in hand, palette on the brain. For others, you may already be feeling overloaded and a little bit green with the scale of what’s ahead of you.

Whether you’re a bride or groomzilla, do not fret. Anges de Sucre is taking one thing off your plate (well not your dessert plate). Yes, you have guessed it: the wedding event cake, the crowning glory of your day.

After the venue and the gown, your cake is the focal point of your wedding. You might think that’s a minor exaggeration, but for numerous couples, their cake is a lot more than a dessert.

Cutting it together, posing beside it, feeding each other the first sweet bite; it’s all part of the day’s romance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting wed in a grand location with 500 observers or celebrating your weddings in a cosy bar with good friends. The cake will be envisioned and remembered by you for years to come.

So, here’s our guide to choosing your perfect wedding cake and making sure you’ve got the taste, size and style on point. Make sure to find out here now.

Do Some Tasting

As soon as you understand what flavours you desire for the cake, filling, and frosting, establish a tasting. You can see how the cake would taste with the numerous flavour mixes. Ask to taste 4 or five different flavours that sound good.

Select The Right Baker

If you’ve been to a wedding event where you enjoyed the cake, ask the couple who they used. Various bakers specialize in different designs of cakes. Browse for bakers that produce the design of cake you’re looking for and meet with them.

Comprehend The Timing of Creating A Wedding Event Cake

Selecting a wedding cake and having it made frequently takes 3 to 6 months. Do not leave it to the last minute and expect the baker to accommodate you. This is especially real if you desire an incredibly expensive cake you saw in a magazine or on Pinterest. Choose a wedding cake when you have a location, a theme or colour design, and your dress picked out.

Select The Right Size

The number and size of the tiers determine how many individuals the cake can feed. Decide what size pieces you desire. Ask the baker the number of tiers you need to serve the number of visitors given that piece size. Then tell whoever cuts the cake how huge to make the pieces. A three-tier cake usually dishes out to 100 people. Bigger wedding events with 200 guests might require a five-tier cake. Consider using columns in between each tier if you desire a high cake without too many tiers. When the reception venue is large with high ceilings, using columns to make a cake appear larger is a great option.

Get social

Like many creatives, I publish my cakes in real-time across social media, so brides-to-be can get a clear sense of my work output and the types of cakes I specialize in.

Align Your Style

Some bakers are highly specialized and others provide a much larger range of styles. I concentrate on fondant cakes with a modern aesthetic. I don’t do buttercream or rustic cakes, but other bakers work specifically with buttercream. There are even bakers who only develop naked cakes. As you explore and gather cake images, note the styles that speak with you. Whimsical? Geometric? Romantic? Rustic? Attractive? Do you see a pattern emerging?

Once you’ve narrowed your search to two or 3 bakers (or even The One), the cake journey begins! Before even believing about red velvet vs. vanilla bean, your baker will require the nitty-gritty information such as wedding date, venue and estimated headcount.

Bottom Line Basics

A big part of my task is assisting a couple in prioritizing where the cake purchase fits within their wedding budget. A good cake designer will make handy ideas to keep your budget on point, while still meeting your visual needs.

Wedding Cake Is Often Priced By Piece.

The cost differs but generally varies from $1.50 to $15 per slice (though this is a loose and extremely general estimate). The more complicated the cake (based upon hard-to-find fillings or elaborate decorations), the greater the price tag. Fondant icing is more expensive than buttercream, and if you want sophisticated moulded shapes, lively colours, or handcrafted sugar-flower detailing, you’ll spend for the cake designer’s labour.

There Are Tons Of Ways To Conserve.

Order a small cake that’s embellished to excellence however can only feed a handful plus several sheet cakes of the very same taste to feed the visitors. If you’ll have a dessert table (or another sweet) in addition to the cake, think about a cake sized for half your guests.

Pick The Right Frosting.

Buttercream or fondant? If you enjoy the smooth, almost surreal-like look of fondant as much as we do, consider frosting the cake in buttercream first and then including a layer of fondant over the entire confection.

Undercover Wedding Event Cake Haters

If you are one of those uncommon types that simply hates cake full stop we have one concern: have you seen a physician for this problem? Ok, in all seriousness, we understand that not every couple wants cake. We believe you’re odd, however, hey, each to their own.

These days there are lots of options on offer. You can choose cupcakes (which we still enjoy), great deals of people select mouth-watering cheesecakes– however what about your visitors that don’t want to stink blue cheese for the remainder of the evening? We have even seen tiered pork pies (we weren’t impressed).

If you are a cake hater and desire something various, we offer a range of alternatives including our distinct croquembouche cakes. These appearance and taste are dreamy and still provide you with that breathtaking centrepiece for the wedding party.

Fondant Or Fon-Don’t?

Close your eyes and imagine the typical wedding event cake. How lots of times have you been to a birthday or wedding event and peeled the thick fondant icing off to get to the sponge?

If this is a look that you truly want, then there are plenty of terrific bakers out there who can develop your dream style. If nevertheless, you desire something various, maybe more buttercream than sugar paste, then we will gladly talk cake with you.


When it concerns wedding event cake style, Pinterest and Instagram are your two new BFFs. You’re not going to a wedding event cake prison! It’s worth flagging cakes you like on Pinterest or Instagram so you can bring images to your cake-tasting consultation.

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