What is P Testing?


What is P Testing?

One of the most important steps in determining the safety and health risks of a chemical product is through the P testing process. The process involves the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), or other regulatory agency, evaluating whether a substance or compound poses a threat to public health, safety, and the environment. If found safe, the substance will then be regulated and any risk that might occur or result from the product removed or altered, will cease to exist. The P testing process is very effective and it is used when methamphetamine or ecstasy are being manufactured and made available to the public. It also is used with pesticides and any other compounds or chemicals that may potentially affect public safety.


A template was created by the EPA to aid in determining the amount of methamphetamine or ecstasy in a given sample. This template will be used in conjunction with the MSHPMS (Mass Spectral Imaging/Mass Spectrometry) instrument in order to determine the concentration and quality of the sample. The test results will be conclusive in order to determine what the concentration of the drug in any given area of the area or in the entire laboratory is, as well as to determine if there are levels of drug in the air. There are many other reasons where the P testing process can be used, such as when testing for pesticides, carcinogens, pesticides, or when finding out how much was in any food that was consumed by consumers or employees within a large company.


There are two different types of P testing that are available to laboratories that require them. The first type of P testing is the subliminal Meth Test. The subliminal Meth Test is designed to not only determine the presence of methamphetamine or ecstasy, but also other drugs such as amphetamines or lysine. This test is most effective when performed on a recent squab, which is the end product left after processing methamphetamine. This means that it is fresh material and therefore more accurate in its results. The second type of P testing is the aerosol meth test, which is commonly used when testing for contaminants in manufactured foods or other work environment materials.

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