Online Gaming – What Are Online Games?

Online games refer to games that are played via the Internet, either partly or completely. These games can be computer-based or online-based. Computer games of various forms are available for free on the Internet, while more complex games require payment. Many online games have “chat” capabilities, which allow two or more people to communicate and interact with each other while playing a particular game. The interaction can be done in various ways, including voice communication, text communication, or even a combination of these communication methods.


The Internet, of course, has opened up all kinds of exciting opportunities for online gaming. However, there have been concerns over the safety of playing online games, particularly those that involve third parties. Concerns about safety have led to increased security measures being put into place on many online gaming sites. For example, many video games now come with “chat” features that allow players to engage in live conversations with one another while playing video games. However, new concerns have arisen over the safety of using chat features while playing online games.


One of the concerns is that some gamers may use these chat features to send nude or sexual messages or pictures to one another while playing online games. Other concerns involve the possibility of invasion of privacy, which could result in various forms of abuse, including harassment and other criminal activity. Because many video games contain strong characters and themes, as well as a great deal of fantasy, it is possible that young children may be enticed to engage in inappropriate activities. Because of these and other possible concerns, it is very important for parents to monitor the activities of their children when playing video games.

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