Top Cosmetic Tattoo Trends


Microblading, cosmetic tattooing, micro stroking, eyebrow embroidery, feather touch, these are all different names for the hottest trend in permanent makeup. If you desire to wake up feeling confident in your natural skin and without the concern of applying makeup, then irreversible makeup might be the service for you!


 Long-term makeup can help enhance each and every element of your facial features including eyebrows, eye line, lips, and much more! In the interest of those who are unfamiliar with it, microblading involves using a sophisticated hand tool to draw semi-permanent strokes on the brow to camouflage lost or missing eyebrow hair.


Unlike some other makeup patterns that are costly, possibly painful, and may or might not provide the outcomes you truly want, this one has actually seen much success for lots of who have actually tried it. Fortunately is that it isn’t just for the silver screen and glamour magazines. You can try it too!


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Irreversible makeup can be completely safe, however, there are a lot of elements you require to consider beforehand to prevent any issues or infections. Research the studio like insane. Like, full-on stalk their Instagram to see prior to and after pics, DM former clients, and make sure the artist is licensed to perform the treatment. 


If they do not check off all of the packages, run. And before you schedule a visit, go see your derm and make sure you don’t have any level of sensitivities or allergic reactions to ink.


What are the leading cosmetic tattoo trends


Shading your eye line just requires strokes, colours, and thickness to emphasize your eyes in the most flattering method possible. If you find yourself fond of beige eyeliner pencils, shadows with a pearly effect, or other colours in your eye makeup, then irreversible shaded eyeliner can assist you to achieve the special, customized appearance you seek without the burden of daily application!


Long-term makeup has come a long way, it’s no longer grandmother’s strong, blue-tinged brows and brilliant pink lip liner. Rather, celebrities and everyday folks alike are eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and more tattooed on, and achieving a variety of appearances, from natural to sculpted and fabricated. Read more here.



Irreversible makeup isn’t going anywhere, and there are more alternatives than ever, which of these long-term makeup patterns would you attempt? Many microblading artists likewise offer powder ombré brows. Instead of specific microbladed hairs, powder ombré eyebrows develop a more strong and toned impact, imitating the appearance of eyebrows filled out with powder or pomade makeup. 


You can rock this strong look alone or combined with microblading for a fluffier effect. If you ever smeared a half-inch thick stroke of black eyeliner under your eyes when you were a teenager, then it’s most likely you are more than knowledgeable about how difficult eyeliner can be.


Do it properly and you’ll accomplish natural-looking definition that goes completely on its own or with other eye makeup. Do it incorrectly, nevertheless, and it can appear like a complete mess. Luckily, there are irreversible makeup alternatives that provide shaded eyeliner services for customers who wish to provide their eyes with a sharper appearance.


Things You Required To Know


If you live by the #WokeUpLikeThis then long-term makeup trend might be something you’ll be interested in. Picture not needing to complete your eyebrows every day or struggle to get the perfect feline eye each time, all of this is possible with permanent makeup. 


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That’s not all, the irreversible makeup pattern is changing and how! There are some insane irreversible makeup trends taking the charming world by storm. The misunderstandings that stem from what permanent and semi-permanent makeup were in the past are not surprisingly tough to let go of when it comes to tattooing makeup on your face.


The tattoo weapons and paper-thin eyebrow tattoos that existed in the past have actually now been (mostly) replaced with microblading, a semi-permanent procedure that includes a small, small, tiny blade digging into your skin so that ink can fill the small cut and tattoo you. The result is a totally natural-looking eyebrow when it’s done correctly.


There’s a lot that goes into microblading and the whole procedure may last up to 3 hours. There’s the eyebrow sketching which takes up some more time. After microblading, your brows need about one month to completely heal. 


During this time, your skin will scab and shed the dead skin – a process that will happen over and over again. This can make your brows slightly itchy however avoid rubbing or scratching or you run the risk of breaking the skin.


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