Drive your success with a panel beater apprenticeship and start your profession in the crash repair work industry!


Are you wanting to become a professional mechanic or panel beater?


Well, that’s where Ridgeback Service Bodies comes into play.


Have you thought about applying after studying? Complete combined research study on campus and on-the-job, with an additional year on the job to set yourself up industry ties and knowledge that will protect you a promising trajectory in panel beating.


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What does it take to become a Panel Beater?


panel beater is a person that repairs automobile bodies by getting rid of damages and scratches.


Panel beaters get rid of damages, perform major and small panel repairs and replacements, structural repairs/realignments and some mechanical/electrical repair work.


Panel beaters work to restore damaged vehicles back to their pre-accident condition, following manufacturer repair work techniques. The harmed outside panels can be damaged in either an automobile accident or incidental wear and tear.



What Exactly Does a Panel Beater or Body Shop Role Entail?


A panel beater eliminates dents and scratches in cars and truck bodywork by evaluating the damaged locations, getting rid of damaged panels where necessary and either replacing the panels or fixing them.


To repair damaged panels, panel beaters use mechanical, hydraulic and metalworking equipment to eliminate any damages and return the panel to its original shape.


If they have actually been gotten rid of for repair, the improved panels will then be re-bolted to the vehicle’s frame, or bonded into a place where required, and any remaining damages will be smoothed over with the proper filler where required.





Panel beaters will likewise be needed to perform significant repairs which can include structural repairs, replacements or re-alignments of automobile underbody such as chassis rails.


A high level of ability is required and panel beaters have to be able to use advanced specialised measuring and positioning devices which in most modern-day workshops will be linked to a computerised system.


Extremely experienced and skilled panel beaters might likewise choose to specialise in doing custom car bodywork or bring back classic vehicles. The majority of panel beaters work fixing damage to automobiles, however, panel beaters can likewise specialise in other vehicles like motorcycles, buses and trucks.


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No prior understanding or experience is necessary but a keen interest in vehicles and a useful ability will help.


An apprenticeship is created to teach you the skills and knowledge you need with useful training at work, and additional research studies at a Registered Training Organisation.


An apprenticeship will get you begun in the industry, and open the doors to a great career.


Take a 2-year auto body repair program if you desire additional training. Numerous technical and community colleges provide a 2-year associate’s degree in car repair innovation. The extra training is extremely helpful for anybody who wishes to get more information about lorries and the more extensive repair work required to repair a few of them.


It might likewise cover repairing serious collision damage or other vehicle parts a lot of panel beaters do not generally handle. Some programs likewise consist of classes on language, mathematics, and other subjects that can be found in helpful throughout your work




Panel Beaters are presently on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).


Panel beaters carry out a really wide variety of jobs and have a really diverse skill set. They can fix minor damages and scratches, right through to a complete reconstruct of exterior panels.


Another really interesting aspect of a panel beaters job is classical car repair and customisation. This aspect of the task can enable you to explore a more innovative side of the trade market and come up with your own plans and concepts utilizing a large range of products.


Take a 2-year auto body repair program if you want extra training. Many technical and community colleges provide a 2-year associate’s degree in vehicle repair innovation. The extra training is really helpful for anyone who wishes to discover more about cars and the more substantial repairs required to fix some of them. It might also cover repairing severe crash damage or other vehicle parts a lot of panel beaters don’t generally deal with. Some programs also consist of classes on language, math, and other subjects that come in handy throughout your work


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