Mold Specialists Experts In Charlotte

” 24-hour Water Damage Cleanup SpangleR mold Specialists Charlotte NC has over 25 years experience in the commercial and residential water clean up and flood cleanup business. For both water damaged in Charlotte NC, North Carolina, we have a full staff of certified water restoration experts who are knowledgeable in all types of flooding damage. Our Charlotte water damaged restoration experts are fully equipped with the tools and resources needed to deal with any flood damage, water leak, flood restoration or home flood damage.

For home flooding, flood damage cleaning, fire damage clean up, and other types of water-related problems we have specialists that are fully trained in their respective fields including flood damage, flood clean up, fire damage clean up, and other forms of water-related damage. We have professionals who are fully licensed and insured, so we feel safe in saying that your home or business is protected from all types of water-related damages. We also pride ourselves on having a team of experts available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that no problem gets left behind during your water restoration project.


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