Lift Off Service Body

Lift Off Service Body

Ridgeback lift-off bodies have grown to expertly engineered, purpose-designed systems that fit all popular cab/chassis and light truck vocations. There are different service body types.

However, many people imagine a service body as a purpose-designed, slide-on or integrated structure that can accommodate the required power, tools and equipment for a particular vocation, all securely protected.


The Complete Body Service Body is developed for the discerning buyer that requires nothing but the best, most reliable, and premium storage and defence for their equipment. The Complete Body has many optional devices, enabling you to produce a functional storage option to match your requirements and needs.

The base Complete Body canopy can be updated with our comprehensive variety of external and automobile accessories. And with a wide array of internal customisation options, the Full Body canopy can be personalized to match your particular needs.

Body Lift vs Suspension Lift

Initially, it is very important to know what a body lift and a suspension lift actually do, and looking at the names it’s pretty easy: a body lift raises the body far from a suspension and the frame lift extends the suspension and raises every part of the car. A levelling package is basically a front suspension lift that raises the front suspension level with the back in an automobile with a raked stance, matching the height of the front and rear suspension.

Personalizing your truck is an outstanding method to add some character and style, but it’s important that you pick the correct way to lift your vehicle. This isn’t a job you want to tackle without appropriate planning and the best equipment. In the world of lift packages, you have two different options: a body lift vs suspension lift. They both have a purpose and a number of advantages, however, they work in a different way.

Body lifts and suspension lifts both offer a taller flight and space for bigger tires and wheels, however, they do have distinctions like cost, the center of gravity and handling modifications, and ground clearance. We’re going to have a look at a few of these attributes extensive and hopefully give you a better concept of which lifting approach you require.

Those looking to boost the appeal of their truck without too much concern over the performance may prefer to go with a body lift. This raises the height without altering any suspension elements.

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