Which washing machine brand is the most energy efficient at the moment? A glimpse at the best options in the market!

We all know that an energy-efficient washing machine has lower annual costs than a variant with a less favourable energy label. The energy label of the new washing machines is nowadays at least label A. A washing machine can only be called environmentally conscious if it has an energy label of A+++ or higher. Fortunately, the washing machines are becoming increasingly efficient, and there are even washing machines for sale with an A++++-65% energy label. At the moment we see a lot of people that use BEKO wasmachines or a Zanussi wasmachine to make the difference in their houses

  • These are not official energy labels and the percentage indicated is the extra savings compared to an A+++ label. This difference seems minimal, and an A energy label sounds very good, but the difference can be quite considerable. An energy label A+++-30% can already save hundreds of euros compared to an energy label A. The purchase price of an energy-efficient washing machine is higher, but this certainly earns itself back over the years. Not only in energy consumption, but also in water consumption. So it is certainly worthwhile to pay close attention to the energy label.

What do you actually consume each year? Washing machines can be pretty heavy on energy use

To gain insight into your consumption in euros per year, you can use a simple formula: €0.23 × kWh per year. An energy label indicates how much kWh a washing machine uses each year. This is based on average and standard use and 220 washes per year. Do you want to determine your exact consumption for a particular washing machine? Then use the following formula: €0.23 × number of kWh per wash × number of washes per week × 52. The average consumption of kWh per wash is calculated by dividing the annual kWh on the energy label by 220. This way you calculate exactly how much you can save per year with a more favourable energy label!

  • In order to get a quick picture of the energy savings with the different energy labels and subcategories, we have put it together for you. The amount saved is calculated in relation to category A up to and including A++++.

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